I thoroughly enjoyed learning about new technologies such as rapid 2D mapping and how VR can be used as part of an investigation.
The FARO team has made a big investment in Public Safety and being able to speak directly with their engineers and developers was a great opportunity.
Bringing together experts from around the world to discuss current topics and challenges was most informative for me.
Eugene Liscio
3D Forensic Analyst at AI2-3D & Instructor at the University of Toronto


Coming together and discussing issues about public safety has been very providing for the NFC Team.
HÃ¥kan Larsson
National Forensic Center Sweden


I thought the conference was excellent. There was a wonderful mix of people from all over Europe, and further afield, which was awesome. I would certainly be extremely interested in attending a future conference next year.
Amber J Collings
Research Assistant, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth

A very successful 1st conference with a great location, top speakers and interesting discussions.
Olaf Dytrt
coloprint GmbH