New! FocusS 350, 150, and 70 Laser Scanners

Use the FAROS Laser Scanner to capture a 3D representation of any scene, exactly how it was at the time of the scan. Everything the laser can “see” is recorded as data points. You can use this point cloud to digitally take measurements, create diagrams, animate scenes, and present “walk-throughs” that are ideal for court room presentations.

  • Ideal for interior and exterior scenes, in bright sunlight or in complete darkness
  • Obtain photographs of the entire scene using the integrated HDR color camera
  • Light weight and extremely portable, only 9.3 lbs ( 4.2 kg), including the battery
  • Dust and weather resistance with an extended operating temperature range

Freestyle3D Handheld Laser Scanner

High-precision, Handheld Laser Scanner

The FARO Freestyle3D is a high-precision, handheld, laser scanner that is useful for capturing small details at indoor scenes and outside in low-light situations. It quickly and reliably creates a 3D point cloud of objects scanned at a range of .5 to 3m.

  • 3D point accuracy of 1 mm or less, depending on the Freestyle model
  • Verify the data is captured in real-time, as you scan
  • Ideal to scan evidence in small, hard-to-reach areas
  • Combine data captured by the Freestyle with point clouds captured by a FARO Focus Laser Scanner

Forensic ScanArm

3D Scanning Of Evidence And Artifacts For Forensic Applications

There is no longer any need to take tedious manual measurements of skeletal remains and other scan forensic evidence. Instead, use the FARO Forensic ScanArm to digitally capture an extremely accurate, 3D representation of the evidence with sub-millimeter accuracy.

  • Permanently preserves evidence in the form of an accurate 3D model
  • Instead of tedious manual measurements, accurately obtain measurements from the 3D model
  • Non-Contact process minimizes the risk of damage to fragile forensic artifacts
  • Easy to use without previous 3D scanning experience

FARO Zone 3D

2D and 3D Diagrams, Animation, and Analysis for Crash and Crime Scene Investigators

With FARO Zone 3D, anyone can produce compelling reports and courtroom exhibits that accurately represent the crash or crime scene. Quickly create 2D or 3D diagrams, impressive animations, and perform analyses based on the measurements taken at the scene.

  • Use manual measurements, data from aerial maps, total stations, drones, and laser scanners
  • Use any of the pre-drawn symbols, or import free 3D models from many online sources
  • Analysis tools for vehicle momentum, crush, speed from skids, bullet trajectories, blood spatter, and more
  • Open 2D and 3D diagrams created with other FARO software, including CAD Zone and ARASexperience

FARO Scan Localizer

On-site registration & processing made easy

The FARO Scan Localizer combines information from multiple sensors and software algorithms to determine the exact position of the scanner inside buildings. It allows the as-built capturing for BIM (Building Information Modeling) related applications with unmatched speed, confidence, and quality.

While moving a FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner through a large site, the FARO Scan Localizer captures the exact position of the laser scanner, thus enabling greater automation of registration.

The FARO Scan Localizer simultaneously maps the scan space in real-time while giving individual scans initial placement information.

SCENE Software

SCENE software is specifically designed for all Focus, Freestyle and third-party laser scanners. SCENE enables users to process and manage scan data efficiently and easily by using real time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration, and positioning.

The new SCENE 7.0 provides Focus S Laser Scanner users with a new on-site registration functionality which enables 3D scan data to be wirelessly transmitted, processed, aligned and registered directly to an on-site mobile device or PC in real time. Generating an entire overview map of the completed project is part of the new on-site registration workflow.

SCCENE WebShare Cloud –

With SCENE WebShare Cloud, FARO offers a comprehensive service to provide users with simple access to 3D documentation. Neither technical training nor specialist skills in 3D laser scanning are necessary to work with the intuitive user interface. Digital data, such as 3D documentation, often has to be available to many different project partners. Previously, users having their own internet server, could use SCENE WebShare to present their laser scan projects to clients an project partners. Now FARO goes considerably further, offering the SCENE WebShare Cloud solution, a hosting service with various packages at different prices.

3D App Center

Stand-Alone Apps

These are basic programs which do not require SCENE to work.
Here you will find various software apps from FARO® as well as 3rd party vendors which are all capable in handling FARO Laser Scanner data.

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SCENE Plug-In Apps

These are small applications which run within SCENE or SCENE LT. Typically each plug-in offers a specific tool set for a certain purpose. For example, registration quality reports provides an easy way to export SCENE´s registration results.

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