David Dustin

David Dustin (President at Dustin Forensics)

David Dustin is the President of Dustin Forensics and has been creating forensic animations and 3D crime scenes for 10 years. He specializes in the use of 3D Laser scanners for use in forensics. He recently fulfilled contracts of forensic training for the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL), Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Engineering Firms, Law Enforcement and Accident Reconstructionists. Additionally, Mr. Dustin is co-author of point cloud software and has released an iPad App for forensic use. He is Director of the International Association of Forensic Security and Metrology (IAFSM), Member of Association of Crime Scene Reconstructionist. Prior experience includes Project Management and Industrial Automation.
Mr. Dustin performs a significant amount of pro-bono service work, particularly for law enforcement agencies that do not have funding for technical expertise or equipment. This service work is comprised of laser scanning crime scenes and assisting with the creation of the deliverables.

Company: Dustin Forensics
Country: USA

Larsson & Mellström

Jason Mellström & Håkan Larsson

Häkan has worked at the National Forensie Center for one year . His earlier employer was the Swedish Defense Research Agency where he worked with 3D imaging sensors for 15 years .
Jason works with different kind of cameras and Iaser scanning, employed at NFC about one and a half year but has been in the crime investigating business for many years.
Jimmy is newly employed at NFC. He has worked with 3D visualization for many years and also a couple of years with 3D imaging systems.

Jason Mellström
Company: Polismyndigheten
Country: Sweden

Håkan Larsson
Company: National Forensic Center
Country: Sweden

Eugene Liscio

Eugene Liscio (3D Forensic Analyst at AI2-3D & Instructor at the University of Toronto)

Mr. Eugene Liscio is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, Canada and is currently the President of the International Association of Forensic and Security Metrology (IAFSM). Mr. Liscio is an instructor at the University of Toronto, Mississauga where he teaches a 3D Forensic Reconstruction course as part of the Forensic Sciences Program. He is also actively engaged in research and validation studies pertaining to 3D Scanning technologies and their application in the Forensic Sciences. Mr. Liscio is also the owner of AI2-3D, a consulting company that specializes in 3D forensic reconstructions using laser scanners, total stations, and photogrammetry for law enforcement and legal industries.

Company: University of Toronto, Mississauga, AI2-3D, Ryerson University
Country: Canada


Marcus Rowe (Senior Forensic Collision Investigator at Devon & Cornwall Police)

Marcus is a highly experienced and reliable professional with a demonstrable record of first class employment history, as a Traffic Police Officer and a Forensic Collision Investigator.He’s currently the Senior FCI for Devon and Cornwall Police, where he’s responsible for the QA and standards of expert witness investigation and written specialist reports. Marcus is responsible for the assessment and authorisation of trainee FCI’s at the end of their period of tutorship, and is involved in the recruitment and assessment process for new personnel. He ensures that the FCI Unit, and the individuals within it, attain the required accreditation and comply with accepted national practice and guidelines. Marcus personally validate the FCI evidence, ensuring that the standards and presentation of the specialist document evidence produced are to the highest standards both in content and presentation.

Company: Devon and Cornwall Police
Country: UK


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ute Schäfer (Professor for Experimental Neurotraumatology
Head of the Research Unit for Experimental Neurotraumatology, Department of Neurosurgery)

Ute Schäfer, PhD, has been Professor and head of the Research Unit for Experimental Neurotraumatology at the Medical University of Graz since 2008. In this position, her main research interest concentrates on the investigation of processes during and after traumatic brain injury (animal experiments, in vitro and in vivo studies). Current projects deal for example with intraoperative 3D-printing of craniofacial implants, adipose derived stem cells or traumatic brain injury in microRNA-451 knock-out mice. In past projects she worked on protective effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy after traumatic brain injury, development of nanostructured surfaces for optimal cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation, identification and characterization of cerebral microparticles after traumatic brain injury and vitamin D and nitric oxide after traumatic brain injury. Professor Schäfer received her PhD both from the Free University Berlin and Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany and habilitated herself in Experimental Surgery at the Biochemical & Experimental Department of the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne in 2005. Before she got the professorship in Graz, she was doing scientific research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, USA, at the University of New South Wales, Australia and the Institute for Research in Operative Medicine (IFOM) in Cologne, Germany. Professor Schäfer is amongst others scientific member of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), the Austrian Neuroscience Association (ANA), the Competence Network Stem cell Research NRW and the German Association for Stem Cell Research.

Company: Medical University of Graz
Country: Austria


Amber J Collings (Research Assistant, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth (UK))

Amber is a research assistant at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth in the UK. The project she is involved in works in conjunction with Faro and Hampshire Constabulary examining the integration of 3D technologies, particularly laser surface scanning, into criminal investigations. Before joining ICJS, Amber was based at the Royal Veterinary College, London, where she conducted her PhD research. Her PhD, which she has recently submitted, focuses on musculoskeletal anatomy and functional morphology using CT scanning and digital segmentation to create 3D anatomical models and locomotor simulations. Prior to PhD, Amber attended the University of Portsmouth, graduating with BSc (Hons) Forensic Biology accredited by the Forensic Science Society (now the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences) and further completed a MSc in Human Anatomy and Evolution at the Hull York Medical School. Amber has a strong research interest in forensic and virtual anthropology, functional anatomy, and 3D technology.

Company: University of Portsmouth, ICJS
Country: UK

Augusto Burchi_Siteco

Augusto Burchi (Founder and Managing Director of SITECO Informatica)

Ing. Augusto Burchi – Graduated in Civil Engineer at the University of Bologna – email burchi@sitecoinf.it
Augusto Burchi started his career in 1979 as founder and associate of Cad.Lab, one of the first engineering software houses in Italy.
He is the founder and the Managing Director of SITECO Informatica, the Software and System unit of the Gavio Group one of Italy’s main financial and infrastructure groups.
Relying on a consolidated experience in the field of mapping and surveying, road asset and facility management, and powered by a forward-leaning attitude, Siteco develops and sells world-class technology Mobile Mapping Systems, Pavement Management (PMS) and the Roadside Asset Information (RIS).

Company: FARO
Country: Italy


DI Michael A. Plank (MEng Traffic Accident Research)

Professional Experience
Since 2008: Own Office for Traffic Accident Analysis
Since 2015: Graz University of Technology: Managing of the University Course “Master of Engineering in Traffic Accident Research”
2006 – 2008: SV-Büro Dr. Josef Plank: Working as traffic accident reconstructionist
2001 – 2006: Daimler Chrysler AG, Worldwide certification Active Safety, Traffic Accident Research

Company: SV_Plank
Country: Austria

Jeff Ruiz

Jeff Ruiz (Global Vice President Public Safety & Forensics)

As Vice President, Jeff has responsibility for leading FARO’s global Public Safety and Forensics business. Prior to joining FARO in March of 2017, Jeff held key executive positions with leading global technology companies. Well recognized for his strong leadership, experience, and success, Jeff’s passion lies in building businesses with a purpose which is evident in his commitment to the law enforcement and investigator communities served by FARO today.
Jeff has served on the board of directors for many organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement, BioMed SA, and the San Antonio Medical Foundation. He holds a bachelors degree in Mathematical Economics from Tulane University, and also studied at Columbia University. Jeff lives in Longwood, Florida where he spends every free moment with his wife and two sons.

Company: FARO
Country: USA

Bernd-Dietmat Becker

Dr. Bernd-Dietmar Becker (Chief Technology Strategist & Evangelist, Research and Development)

Bernd holds a Diploma in electrical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and a Master of Science Operations from the Research University Stanford. In 1990 he received a doctors degree at the University Stuttgart with the thesis”simulation System for Logistik SIMPLE++. From 1982 to 1996 he worked as dpeartment lead at the IPA-Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart für production optimization and controls. In 1990 he was cofounder of the AESOP GmbH for Simulation systems – development SIMPLE++ (today SIEMENS/Tecnomatix Plantsimulation. In 1996 he became Managing Director of the AESOP GmbH which was sold to Tecnomatix.
In 1997 Bernd was the cofounder of cubixx GmbH in 2000 and of the iQvolution AG (development of 3D laser scanning systems) which was sold to FARO in 2005.
Between 2005 – 2010 he was Director Product Management and Business-Development Laserscanning and since 2010 he is the Chief Technology Strategist for the FARO LABS department.

Company: FARO
Country: Germany


Dr. Oliver Zweigle (Director Product Development Labs)

Oliver Zweigle studied Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and holds a PhD in Robotics/Artificial Intelligence. During his scientific career as a Post Doctoral Researcher he worked for different institutions like the University of Stuttgart (group leader Service Robotics, Department Image Understanding), FZI Karlsruhe and KIST Seoul / Korea. After working for his own start-up company that focused on autonomous robots he joined FARO in 2014 as an Innovation Manager.

Company: FARO
Country: Germany

Daniel Oxley

Daniel Oxley (Forensic Coordinator, Crime Scene Investigator, Account Manager FARO (UK))

Daniel joined the Faro Public Safety team in September 2016 after a 12.5-year career with Staffordshire Police. Starting as a Forensic Vehicle examiner in 2004 promoting through the Crime Scene Investigation ranks, working as a Forensic Coordinator for the last 5 years, responsible for creating forensic strategies, planning of major investigations and line management of CSI and CSM’s. Daniel has completed the IABPA course for tool marks and clothing as well as UKAS auditor, CBRN responder, Digital Media Investigation, Mobile Phone examination, Crime Scene Management and Forensic Coordination. During his career, he has worked on several major investigations and large countrywide counter terrorism operations. During his new role, he has assisted police forces with implementation of Laser scanning at several crime scenes and major investigations.

Company: FARO
Country: UK, Nordic

Daniel Rattinger

Daniel Rattinger (Applications Engineer, Senior Focus & Freestyle Specialist @ FARO)

• Support the vertical strategy as global product specialist & subject matter expert
• Voice of customer advocate, working with customers, products owners/managers
• Early adopter, fast track and new product development liaison
• Advanced Customer Training , Support & Application Specific Consulting on all FARO products
• Advanced Employee Training on given product

Company: FARO
Country: Österreich